Christmas prospecting - it's in the bag (or the sack)

14-Sep-2017 09:45:00 / by Roger Williams

Roger Williams


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Of all the times in the year, when it comes to Christmas, people behave differently. There are different preferences around how late (or early) they tend to do their buying and for some it may be the only time they turn to home shopping.  

Many members look at their activity from the last year to plan their Christmas approach – what worked well, who was purchasing and when they purchased.

As always, we can help you with your prospect targeting at this key time of the year. We have a wealth of models built from consumers purchasing behaviours across the Abacus Alliance. These include:

1. When they do their Christmas shopping

  1. Are they organised and tend to buy early?
  2. Do they buy mid-season?
  3. Do they leave things last minute and purchase close to Christmas?
  4. Do they like sales and prefer to take advantage of post-Christmas offers?

 2. What they traditionally buy

  1. Have they previously been buying for children?
  2. Do they like to stock up and purchase food & wine?
  3. Do they focus on buying from gifts categories, such as home gifts, or gadget & gifts? 

3. Are they Christmas buyers only, who reserve their home shopping just for this time of the year

As well as prospecting, we can also help you find Christmas buyers from your lapsed customers and enquirer database. This provides an opportunity for you to encourage them to buy again. Not only can it stimulate sales but with GDPR placing limits on how long you can hold data for, it means you won't lose them going forward.  

If you’re still working on your plans for the rest of the year, or have budget for additional activities, contact your Account Manager to see how we can support you.








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