Key Steps for Getting your Contact Centre Team Ready for the GDPR

31-Oct-2017 09:45:00 / by Roger Williams

Roger Williams



With the approach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), much focus around data collection has centred around online or direct mail. For many companies, its contact centre is an important data collection vehicle. It’s therefore essential that all contact centre staff are prepared for the impact the GDPR will have on how they operate.

When preparing your contact centre staff, the following is a useful guideline for what to cover in such training:

  1. Start with ‘Why?’ Get their buy-in. Make sure they understand the context – why these changes are happening, what it means to them and what could be the business impact if the changes are not implemented.
  2. Explain what the change is. Different channels require different data collection conditions. Ensure they understand which are opt-in, which are opt-out and what other areas consumers will need to be informed about (e.g. opting out of their data being used for profiling). Explain the new requirements by communication channel.
  3. Highlight the consequences. Calculate and share with the team the potential monetary impact to the business of not complying with the GDPR. This will drive home what violations of the GDPR could really mean and put it in perspective.
  4. Show the importance of written proof and documenting everything Accountability is crucial under the GDPR and all processes need to be documented. Explain that during a review or investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will be looking to review the contact centre’s policies, procedures and processes. It will also look for evidence that the company has monitored its activities to ensure compliance.

You must be clear what the changes mean for each contact centre role. This means:

  • Attendance at GDPR training sessions. These must be mandatory for all contact centre staff
  • Training must be on-going. It must not be viewed as a one-time only activity: refresher sessions must be regularly held
  • Everything must be documented. Any change to what or how you do it must be documented, trained in, implemented, recorded and filed
  • Having visual reminders around the contact centre. Keep everything front of mind by having relevant signage around the contact centre
  • Sharing results with the team. Ensure they can see and understand the impact of their role on the business and how they can positively affect a consumer’s decision.

 To find out more, download our Guidance on Developing a GDPR Compliant Approach to Data Collection via the Telephone.




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