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11-Oct-2018 11:51:36 / by Ben Collier

Ben Collier

In a This Works case study presented at the Epsilon Abacus October Insights Day, Joe Fletcher had this to say about the impact of direct mail on their business…

“Direct Mail consistently delivers our best customers compared to any other channel. Those recruited spend more on their first order, have higher lifetime values and are more likely to remain active buyers in the future.”

When digital targeting was in its relative infancy in 2014, This Works identified direct mail as a channel that could support customers to purchase from across their product range. Over the past four years, direct mail has been responsible for a 30% rise in database growth, 28% higher average order value and 47% higher lifetime spend. Joe says “we are essentially buying VIPs”.

With difficult high street trading conditions and stats like these, it is little wonder that online retail businesses are feeling motivated to test direct mail.

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Ben Collier

Written by Ben Collier

Encouraging companies to realise the potential of transactional data to grow their businesses. In a digital world, he’s adept at selling the value of the direct mail channel to pure-play companies.