Using Online and Offline Data to Deliver More Effective Marketing

01-Nov-2016 10:30:00 / by Roger Williams

Roger Williams

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For some companies, offline and online strategies are approached as ‘never the twain shall meet’: activities are siloed and offline and online treated separately. The reality is they’re just different channels that need to work together. Customers don’t think online/offline or in channels, so why should marketers?When it comes to data, the more information that can be obtained, the better, irrespective of the channel it has been derived from. Ultimately, though, it’s not about  the data but how it’s used to drive action.

Online activity supporting offline actions

For multi-channel retailers, understanding cross-channel customer activity is becoming increasingly important. There are practical reasons why you should be collecting online browsing behaviour as it can instruct and support your offline activities.

For example, RFM data is still the strongest indicator that someone will respond to your next campaign. Logically, if you can identify customers who have recently browsed your site prior to being mailed, then this must impact on their willingness to buy again when they receive your catalogue.

To test this, we’ve been working closely with one of our member’s - a multi-channel men’s fashion business - to understand how browsing behaviour influenced response to their summer offline mailing. What we found was those active customers that were mailed and had also visited their site in the last six months responded 180% higher than those who hadn’t browsed.

Browsing behaviour driving customer reactivation

But the opportunity goes beyond this. Browsing behaviour can play a vital role in reactivating dormant customers. After all, anyone actively visiting a site is showing an intent to buy, irrespective as to whether they are a recent customer or one who has not purchased for some time.

For the same client’s summer campaign, mailing their 13+ month lapsed buyers that had also browsed their site in the prior six month delivered a staggering 500% uplift compared to non-browsers. What these results highlight is the importance of collecting online and offline data to drive your marketing activity

At our recent Epsilon Insights Conference, Dylan Jenkins explained how we are offering all Alliance members the ability to collect online browsing behaviour and link this back to their customers, using the technology from our sister company, Conversant. As more and more members are testing this, we’re beginning to see the first results come in and they are looking positive.

To find out more about how marrying online and offline data can help drive your catalogue strategy, just contact your account manager who would be happy to discuss this further.

Roger Williams

Written by Roger Williams

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