Ben Collier Presents at Sheerluxe 2018

08-Jun-2018 11:30:00 / by Ruth McChesney


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This morning Epsilon Abacus Business Development Director, Ben Collier presents at the Sheerluxe Digital & Ecommerce Conference held at the Worx in South West London.

Sheerluxe attracts leading UK brands as both delegates and speakers and as a regular sponsor, it provides us with an exciting opportunity to deliver some of the incredible results Abacus Alliance members are achieving, using direct mail to drive their online sales.

For those new to direct mail, Ben will also be inviting Sheerluxe delegates to our June Masterclass where invited guests, including MarketReach, will explain how to implement a direct mail campaign aimed at increasing online sales. Topics will include:

· The relevance of direct mail in a digital world

· Catalogues today and tomorrow

· Measuring your return on investment

Visit to reserve your place.


Topics: Abacus Alliance, catalogue marketing, direct mail

Ruth McChesney

Written by Ruth McChesney