Building an effective email sign-up strategy

05-Dec-2017 10:00:00 / by Dylan Jenkins

Dylan Jenkins


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Email remains a key channel, especially for customer engagement and retention, but companies need to be re-thinking their strategies.

At this time of year, email is crucial for reaching customers to encourage them to buy.

Key to any communication is relevancy, but email engagement rates are falling. The Direct Marketing Association’s 2017 Marketer Email Tracking Survey found that 42% of marketers agreed that some or non of their emails were actually relevant to the people they are targeting. The same report highlighted ‘lack of strategy’ was the biggest challenge they faced in connection to email.

At our October Insights conference, Anna Wilson presented her findings based on email sign-ups with 200 retailers. Analysing email activity over six months, she discussed her experiences and provided useful tips on how retailers can improve how they treat their emial sign-ups.

To download a copy of Anna’s presentation, click the button below.



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Dylan Jenkins

Written by Dylan Jenkins

A very experienced data-marketing expert heading up the commercial side of Epsilon Abacus.