Online Retailers Receiving Much Needed Boost from Direct Mail

09-Jan-2019 10:39:53 / by Ruth McChesney

Amidst difficult retail trading conditions, digital marketers are now searching for tried and tested offline channels to integrate with their online marketing strategies.

Jim Warren, Marketing Director at Bloom & Wild explains: “When you get to a certain scale you have to start looking at other channels as digital will flatten out, become too expensive and the audience won’t broaden.”

Direct mail was top of mind for Jim, having used the channel successfully in a previous business. Following a direct mail workshop with Epsilon Abacus and expert guidance from Royal Mail MarketReach, Bloom & Wild has been using direct mail for over two years. Their mailings have scaled up by four times and they have reported an average order value increase of 15% over digital channels, among other successes.

Joe Fletcher from eCommerce skincare and beauty brand This Works says “Direct Mail consistently delivers our best customers compared to any other channel.” Those recruited spend more on their first order, have higher lifetime values and are more likely to remain active buyers in the future. Over the past four years, direct mail has proved to be a key channel for growth with a 28% higher first year spend being achieved and 47% higher two year spend. Joe says “we are essentially buying VIPs”.

Epsilon Abacus, alongside Royal Mail MarketReach is holding the first Direct Mail Masterclass of 2019 on the 30th January in London. It’s an opportunity for digital retail marketers to learn how and why the direct mail channel is being used so widely by major retail brands.

Click here to register your place at Direct Mail Masterclass, London on 30th Jan. This is a free event open only to ecommerce marketers. Places are very limited so we are unable to open this up to suppliers.

Contact if you have any questions or would like more information about testing direct mail for your ecommerce business.

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Ruth McChesney

Written by Ruth McChesney