Small donation giving - a win:win:win for multichannel retailers, customers and charities

22-Nov-2017 10:30:00 / by Roger Williams

Roger Williams



Paul Seaman from the charity Pennies presentetd at our last Insights event. He highlighted how adopting a giving policy can build positive customer engaement with a multichannel retailer's brand.

With Christmas approaching, the season of giving mean our thoughts turn to others. Family and friends are obviously top of mind. But often it goes further this as we think about giving to those who really need it.

‘Feeling good’ and ‘making a difference’ were central themes to Paul Seaman’s presentation at our most recent Insights conference.

Paul explained how Pennies was helping businesses build positive customer engagement by offering a low-pressure donation approach to a charity of their choice.

Using technology, customers of multichannel retailers can make small donations at the time of purchase, be that online, in-app or in-store. Mimicking the idea of dropping pennies into a collection box (but using technology), he showed how it engenders good will from customers and motivates staff.

View Paul’s presentation by clicking the button below.



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